welcome to my lair.

i make pixel art, music, and other general weird things for various platforms. i hope you like my site and my work!

warning: yes there are some naughty words get over it

---- status ----

new name ideas: coffee, tofu?, bean, pen, mouse, paw, pi xel,
dragonpaw is taken. i liked coffeepawt, but that's taken >:( coffeepaw? i kinda like coffeepaw.

(old)to do: maybe rebrand again? i'd like a cute name. dragonslush isnt that cute. but i do like dragonslush...
also, new logo!? make it. pls
do NOT use "the"

---- last update: 11/19 ~9:38 PM EST ----
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thank you, yesterweb!

oxygen's blog

==== posts ====

hello. i think im doing okay recently. i actually fell asleep in class today which was weird.
last night on stream with friends i finished 0neshot on a stream with friends. AMAZING experience. reccomend you buy it. please do

==== post made 11/16 11:54 AM EST ====

i seem to have accidentally invented kind of a new personality? idk maybe im just dissaociating
her name is rose she's kinda cool (i posted her design on insta this morning so check that out maybe)

==== post made 11/15 9:19 AM EST ====

i have started a blog to write down my thoughts. it is just a better version of the old blog. hello

==== post made 11/10 11:44 PM EST ====

no post.
maybe a post.
i know nobody cares, but depression and dysphoria have really hit me hard these past few weeks. i've thought about doing the dirty to myself countless times. maybe i'll start a blog. that'd be cool

==== post made 11/10 11:22 PM EST ====

layout builder used - by sadgrl
in the gif with all the guys, manyland HALO* and KOMBA made the couches.
thank you, spriter's resource: jdaster64 (SMB3), A.J. nitro (kirby), SliamSlamtheFlimFlam (samus).