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hello! i'm coffeebug, and i make art, music, games, and other random stuff.
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my youtube, and my tumblr
scotch99 - kaia's explosion game v7 - spamton mcdonalds 2 - ...and its trailer.

blog posts:
trailer - 12/29, technically 12/30 cause its 2am
dear diary:

i uploaded my final video of 2022. next year teases another project trailer. :)

tumblr and music - 12/28
dear diary:
i got art block! that's fun.
anyways i got sick of my GM soundfonts for some reason.. but, i got some new realistic-sounding sf2s and they sound really good! i made three songs with them and they're gonna be up on my youtube soon, they're up on my tumblr. i will be posting my music on tumblr FIRST from now on.
forgot to add: i got a new Switch for christmas and i've been addicted to Animal Crossing for the past few days. if i can visit your island please dm me on discord

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last update:
your past is not today, so set your stride with a twirl.