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posted on december 31

dear everyone:
as you may have noticed, i'm redoing my website! i got bored of it lol

posted on december 30

dear diary:

i uploaded my final video of 2022. next year teases another project trailer. :)

posted on december 28

dear diary:
i got art block! that's fun.
anyways i got sick of my GM soundfonts for some reason.. but, i got some new realistic-sounding sf2s and they sound really good! i made three songs with them and they're gonna be up on my youtube soon, they're up on my tumblr. i will be posting my music on tumblr FIRST from now on.
forgot to add: i got a new Switch for christmas and i've been addicted to Animal Crossing for the past few days. if i can visit your island please dm me on discord

posted on december 18

dear diary:
i think i need to fix the fonts on this page lol
anyways, i made a soundfont! it's a collection of instruments i use frequently / just like :)

blog time. i am going to the mall with friends on the 23rd, that's pretty cool and i want to . i plan to get my computer fixed sometime next year, so then i can finally do cool shit again (explosion game update.)

12/21 update!
hi! i reset my computer so i can use it better, and i can actually work on things now!
super terrible project 2 is cancelled, and me and tlaylormusic are figuring out what to do with it. there will probably be a third installment.
kaia's explosion game got updated! i fixed most of the badges, added a bit new stuff, i plan to add more later! i want to expand the empty hill to the right of the coffee shop, expand the entire area into one big box area, and add to the forest... but that's not all, haha.
i want to add crossroads-esque buildings on the hill, make it taller, bigger, etc etc. the builds can be explored and blown up, and there will be npcs to attack there. i will also add lore. i will ALSO ALSO be expanding the main building! i want to add offices, cubicles, bedrooms, a bathroom (looking exactly like the one in spamton mcdonalds 2), and more. that's all i have planned.
lastly, i gave spamton mcdonalds 2 a new trailer today! it's fun, and i love it. i hope it gets people into the game.