bo, bopa brooke, beta tob a otobae? bon huh?

- stp2

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about me / misc

hi, i'm brooke! i'm a girl. i like blogging here.
i love old tech, games, art, and coding,
but my main skill is music composition. i want to be a producer!
evidently, i enjoy writing. i might do something with that one day.

on this website you'll find an archive of all my thoughts starting from december 2022,
but if you want older thoughts, you can check my archives. they're linked on the sitemap page.

my favorite music artist is vylet pony; antonymph is my favorite song ever and i love can opener's notebook.
i also enjoy nelward, vansire, and glass beach.
my favorite video games include, terraria, and super mario advance 4.
i enjoy rain, reading, ponies, stickers, hugs, autumn, and the color purple.