i like singing, i like dancing..

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i like making music!
if you like any of these, leave a comment?
here's a playlist of all of my non-album work:


status: OPEN!
they are usually open! i'll respond as soon as i can, and i usually finish within 1-3 days!
contact me on discord if you want one (midifreak)

my prices are as follows:

i price based off time and complexity - under 2 minutes for $15, and over 2 minutes for $20+,
depending on how much you want to pay me. the price will scale with how complex you want the song to be!

are you a host of a show or something?
do you want me to make a LOT of music?
email me (karayniko@gmail.com) or dm me on discord (midifreak), and we can talk about pricing there.
if it's an object show, then yes, i'd like to join. no need to ask.

i can make songs based off of image references, websites, genre/mood, other songs, and video games.
if you want me to use a specific soundfont, i can do that no problem!
samples are a bit of a problem! those are confusing and will take me extra time, but i will use them.
i can also cover existing songs.

for payment, i take cashapp and paypal. if you want a commission, dm me on discord: comfybug

NOTE: i may not be able to immediately start working on your request. please forgive me. once i do start, however, i am usually quick to finish it.

my albums
click on the images to listen!

my main albums:

my best album! i think it's really good! youtube version here

my other albums:

kinda BAD.. okay listen.

spamton mcdonalds 2 ost
decent album, its the songs from the game plus unused ones.
album art by germpills
STP: Revenge OST
pretty good! covers and originals for my game.