ah, music, a magic beyond all we do here!

- Dumbledore

coffeebug music
i like making music! here's a bunch of my good songs
if you like any of these please tell me
also, here's a playlist with them:


status: OPEN
do you want a music commission? i do those!
contact me on discord if you want one (bug#8768)

my prices are as follows:

for both prices, you can use my music anywhere (w/ credit),
provide samples for me, or choose a certain style/soundfont for me to try.
i can make songs based off of image references, websites, genre/mood, other songs, and video games.

i price based off time - under 2 minutes for $10, and over 2 minutes for $15+,
depending on how much you want to pay me.

the only form of payment i can really take is steam gift cards. i can also take basically every other gift card.
my Steam profile

NOTE: i have a schedule, so i can't make music on some days.
right now i can't Monday, reliably. other things might come up.

bugpony, my first album, on bandcamp.

i'm sorry, but this section of the page is no longer updated with music.
original music

#1 Rated Salesman 1997 (SMcD2)

SPAM.MID (Spamton McDonalds 2)

forest 2004

blood stained snow





STP:HH trailer theme

VS. Florence commissioned by assiel



NES song 1


omoPack unused trailer


SMB1 Overworld Theme

SMB1 Underground Theme

Enemy Approaching (ONI Dub)

happy birthday - gimmick!

underground - mario 3

overworld - mario 3

world 1 - mario 3

the moon - ducktales

main theme - cookie run: kingdom

vocal songs

Please check the video descriptions for the lyrics.

Lyrics: Rose (cw: depression and suicide)