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these are the things i do every day. i love makin' these stupid things, so here's a bunch of them!

Super Terrible Project 1

Super Terrible Project (originally named Super Tight Pussy. oof.) is a Super Mario Bros. ROM hack, complete with eight worlds, full of 35 new hard, purple levels! Each level harder than its original counterpart, you'll have a very stupid time playing this. Promise.

Download the .nes file
Download the .nes file (SFW)

We're waiting.

Super Terrible Project 2 (WIP)

Link to project
Super Terrible Project 2 is a SMBX2 sequel to STP1. It is currently a work-in-progress and will probably be released sometime in 2022.

I have much higher expectations for this project, so it will have almost fully custom sprites and blocks (including some edits), a full soundtrack made by me, and at least eight worlds. The demo is out. go play it.