humans are vile, untrustworthy monsters.

- Mario's subconcious, Super Terrible Project: Revenge

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box of stuff

hi! this is where i'm gonna put all of my.. stuff.
mine and others' art - super terrible project - stp: halloween hack

if you want some styled divs, here you go:
- Button styled like Tomodachi Life
- Windows XP styled box
- Windows 99 styled box

if you want.. soundfonts?, here you go:
KK Slider soundfont - Musical Artifacts - video
Growtopia soundfont - Musical Artifacts - video

super terrible project: halloween hack

halloween hack is a sequel to super terrible project! it currently has 8 original levels, will be updated later, and i've tried to make them all pretty hard! it features brand new original graphics and music edits, and i hope you enjoy playing it!

super terrible project is a Super Mario Bros. ROM hack, complete with eight worlds, full of 35 original levels. explore a weird purple landscape, avoiding all of the normal enemies, and try not to die! definitive edition out 10/23!


rose drawing + VS ROSE animation

oni reference

'koniko island'
this was actually going to be a sequel to STP at one point,
back when i was considering making a SMW romhack for the project.

bugpony by kingbeeleth
he drew a Manyland skin of fluttershy, which i edited and drew over to create the original bug sprites!

bugpony by radiosluvr

cinnamon by tommie.exe (discord)

stuff made for oxygen4558 example

"Table piece"

"Kitty in space"

"Kitty's bedroom (update)"