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i did it all myself in my computer! technology is incredible!

- tlaylor

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happy pride month! trans rights!
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summer is really boring
Posted on June 25

dear diary:
here are the things that have happened:
i got animal crossing gc to work, band had no kids at it, i ruined my sleep schedule, i played vr minecraft, i coded bugyga 2, i started finished up my secret project, i played a bad shrek racing game, i ate really good pizza, and i like pac man. that's basically it.
sorry for not updating much - there hasn't really been anything big that i really want to talk about. just small things. if i decide something's cool enough, i'll blog about it, but if not, then whatever. otherwise, stay tuned for that secret project.
bye! see you soon

I found this weird picture on my camera roll
Posted on June 21

dear diary:

wwoo and stuff
Posted on June 12

dear diary:
hi! ive been working on the wonderful world of objects a lot lately i think its cool. progress is being made, and taylor made a new website linked here. ive been doing some music for it, it's cool. i dont know if i can post anything because its very top secret and i can't link any of it. anyways

band starts tomorrow and idk if i'm ready. ALSO also, IF YOU WANT A COMMISSION. I AM ALWAYS FREE RIGHT NOW. ok bye

pool party
Posted on June 6

dear diary:
hello! today i am holding a pool party! :) i invited like 15 people to it and i hope a lot of people show up. this is my first actual party ive ever been too - a little disappoing i had to hold one for that to happen - but whatever. i dont care rn. it will start in 2 hours and 20 mins. it will be cool! i get to see my boyfriend too so thats awesome. anyways im really hungry and im also wirint ghit son call so im gonna go do that. bye

exams ending
Posted on June 2

dear diary:
hello. today i am finishing up my last exams - im a little sad to leave my 1/2 period teachers behind, i like them. did you know this is post #53? i did. i hope it is at least. anyways, happy pride month, i put bug and berry in the header and they're just walkin around up there with the flag stuff on. (something about seeing bug in the trans skirt feels.. right.)

anyways, after this is summer break. back to playing video games and making music. now would be a good time for commissions!
if i had any LOL
i'm not complaining, i don't need the money super badly anyways. i just hope i don't get to a point where i have to put out "emergency commissions". i worry about my financial state sometimes. ...anyways, bye for now

May ───────────────────────────────────────────────────o

entry #52
Posted on May 31

dear diary:
i want to talk to you about endless things but i dont know where to start. i really like technology, im amazed by how it works, im amazed by how it grips us all and how its intertwined. though im really interested in the emergence period of tech. like windows 95-xp. late 90s, early 2000s. i really like how it was way more fun, the UI wasnt flat, everything was marketed as hip and cool and such.. is it even possible to miss a time you didn't see? is that what we call "longing"? why do i feel this way? escapism? unrest? the cruelty of today's modern world has me feeling bleak -- like it's super hard for me to imagine how people are just okay. happy. living on a normal income, going to work, maintaining a steady job and family. how are people happy? i want to ask you everything i want to know everything you know. one day? can i see you again?

fish whisperer
Posted on May 31

i IMPLORE you to listen to can opener's notebook: fish whisperer RIGHT NOW, or when you have time. LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING. READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE ALBUM and then the description of EVERY SONG. fish whisperer tells a story about a pony (named can opener, or canni), learning to love live and theirself. i can't explain it very well, but i beg that you listen to it. ...thank you.

my weekend
Posted on May 30

dear diary:
how've you been? how've i been? i have exams this week and i am not prepared! i will listen to this song until i die.
anyways, this weekend i played doom eternal a lot- very good game. i like how it's literally modern doom - everything from the original is still there, just 3d now. there's a lot of collectables, and i'm a bit concerned i won't finish it because each mission is like two hours long - that's a while... i also played a lot of fortnite (i'm getting sick of the map), and some skyrim. i started replaying it because i like it. the weirdest thing i did over the weekend was successfully get windows xp running in a virtual machine - it took two hours, but it works, and i don't know why i did it, because i literally don't have a use for it. i might recreate it in html, but i might also make an html page completely inside XP and test my knowledge of html and css without looking anything up. also without using images. (just ms paint.) idk, might be cool. also also, i'm continuing to make the band kid movie i mentioned - i have a logo for it now, and some music, and i'm hungry and tired and also writing it. that's all i have for now

p.s. have you noticed im not super good at titling these?

p.s.s. i hope someone reads these and thinks of me as a cute online blogger girl

it's 12 am
Posted on May 28

dear diary:
i wish people accepted me as trans more. i wish i accepted myself more. i never feel like a girl. it's starting to break me, honestly. i dont even look like one unless i try and even then

random thoughts lol
Posted on May 25

dear diary:
currently listening to How To Talk To Your Shadow?/Brohoof (vylet pony, carousel). i heard Discord for a second and nearly died lol
also, yesterday, i introduced the idea of making a movie to my friend in band and.. they want to do that, too. so i've started writing it. it's gonna be fun
also... i really wanna make a new EP this year. i've listened to almost all of carousel now and i really like it, though the first half of it is more my taste. still, nothing i really skipped entirely!

wasting away
Posted on May 24

dear diary:
i redid my links page, now it looks like windows 95.
i feel like i have been wasting my days - maybe.. i dunno! something's wrong and i can't really place it. maybe its because ive been playing a lot of fortnite. idk lol

updates on stuff.
Posted on May 19

dear diary:
some updates:
1. my weak computer is now getting to be too weak to handle this site's code. there are nearly 900 lines, so i understand that, but i don't really know how to solve the problem. i'm either going to try and load some old blog posts from a different page in an iframe, or just shove everything inside a div that's hidden from the start.
[edit: i fixed it. it hides pretty seamlessly inside an iframe, now.]

2. i still feel like crap, but i am making more music, and i gotta say, my recent songs sound pretty good. 'bathhouse on fire' is a hit, imo.

3. i might make another romhack of something. a short, non-stp hack. SMB, SMB3, and SMW (maybe) are the games i'm considering.

4. i'm having a friend over today for the first time in months. i am excited

5. thank you guys for 200,000 views on my website, even if a ton of those are probably just bots.

bored and sad still
Posted on May 17

dear diary:
this page's code is getting so big that i might have to do something about it eventually. anyways, i haven't felt the best recently, but i'm okay, i guess, whatever. nothing new. i made songs. i wanna work on stpr more.

also, band is gonna start soon, so at least i'm doing stuff, i guess. whatever

shashin life
Posted on May 9

dear site:
the tomodachi life page is now much better, now with a photo album. link to that

(updated page may 10th, too)

kanashi life
Posted on May 8

dear diary:
i feel like posting another blog entry, sorry. i'm listening to vylet pony's new album, carousel, and it sounds good! i feel.. apprehensive. maybe i'm just somber today, or maybe i'm really fearing that something bad will happen - i'm not sure, but i know i feel uncomfortable. and sad. sorry.

also, also, Ready Player Two is WAY too alike to Sword Art Online than i thought. also it mentions sonic.exe. not good

tomodachi life
Posted on May 8

dear diary:
i'm gonna start working on a tomodachi life page!
this line of text is the 6,000th update on my website.
here are some pics i want to include:

Kaia and Alex.

Koby and Ava.

Gerard "Garfield" Mulley and Eepy Girl.

these are currently all the married couples i have, by the way
bonus pic:

the roof of the Apartments building, Japanese-exclusive

other thoughts for the day:
i'm glad i have FL studio. i like having music in my life. i think creation keeps me sane.

Posted on May 7

how the fuck am i supposed to get antidepressants? please genuinely helpme

Posted on May 5

i made the tomodachi life apartments REAL!!!!!
if you wanna see it or be there, visit this:

View the apartments!

Posted on May 5

dear diary:
happy birthday to the i love you virus! that's all

april showers bring may.. showers
Posted on May 2

dear diary:
(bryan, if you've read this entry, i hope you're okay.)

anyways, happy May. i have just been super depressed lately! i don't know why. i want to stop therapy because i don't really like talking to my therapist and it hasn't helped me at all - i don't see how it COULD, we only meet once every two weeks.

also, i feel proud of my blog, recently. it's grown to the point (and i mean in post amount) that it's, uh.. really big. like a LOT of text. i don't plan to archive any posts, i'm just gonna have the site load slower and slower as the post count grows more and more. (also, there are AROUND 39 posts so far. doesn't seem like that many when i make it a number.)

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