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hi. i'm coffeebug, and i'm a blogger girl making music and mistakes. my commissions are open.
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new album: hsn
Posted on November 21
dear diary:
update on my new album, h?????? s????? n????,
it's coming along nicely! i'll probably get the songs mostly finished over december. i can promise a 2024 release date. in the first quarter of the year. i'm thinking if i get everything done earlier than i expect, then it can come out... 1/11? i don't want to stick to the first-day-of-the-year tradition because that's new years' day, and 2/1 is STP2's birthday, so.

let me day there's a LOT of text in the album. each song has a description written like a diary entry, and each song also will have notes associated with it if you buy the album. it'll be $5 on release and include bonus pictures, 2-3 or more bonus songs, i'm half-planning to cover intrusion as a bonus. i don't wanna make it free (on bandcamp) because i'm spending way too much time on this to make it free. but i'll still obviously have a youtube version of the album up. i want everyone to listen to it. i've uploaded a couple song previews, mostly on my discord (which has a couple entire songs from the album),

and musically, i think i'm pushing myself to create something that'd be worthy of calling it better than MIDIfreak.

edit 11/23:
the album will MOST LIKELY be $12. most people i asked said they'd pay 15, my discord said like 10, so its .. in the middlde?

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