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shashin life
Posted on May 9

dear site:
the tomodachi life page is now much better, now with a photo album. link to that

(updated page may 10th, too)

kanashi life
Posted on May 8

dear diary:
i feel like posting another blog entry, sorry. i'm listening to vylet pony's new album, carousel, and it sounds good! i feel.. apprehensive. maybe i'm just somber today, or maybe i'm really fearing that something bad will happen - i'm not sure, but i know i feel uncomfortable. and sad. sorry.

also, also, Ready Player Two is WAY too alike to Sword Art Online than i thought. also it mentions sonic.exe. not good

tomodachi life
Posted on May 8

dear diary:
i'm gonna start working on a tomodachi life page!
this line of text is the 6,000th update on my website.
here are some pics i want to include:

Kaia and Alex.

Koby and Ava.

Gerard "Garfield" Mulley and Eepy Girl.

these are currently all the married couples i have, by the way
bonus pic:

the roof of the Apartments building, Japanese-exclusive

other thoughts for the day:
i'm glad i have FL studio. i like having music in my life. i think creation keeps me sane.

Posted on May 7

how the fuck am i supposed to get antidepressants? please genuinely helpme

Posted on May 5

i made the tomodachi life apartments REAL!!!!!
if you wanna see it or be there, visit this:

View the apartments!

Posted on May 5

dear diary:
happy birthday to the i love you virus! that's all

april showers bring may.. showers
Posted on May 2

dear diary:
(bryan, if you've read this entry, i hope you're okay.)

anyways, happy May. i have just been super depressed lately! i don't know why. i want to stop therapy because i don't really like talking to my therapist and it hasn't helped me at all - i don't see how it COULD, we only meet once every two weeks.

also, i feel proud of my blog, recently. it's grown to the point (and i mean in post amount) that it's, uh.. really big. like a LOT of text. i don't plan to archive any posts, i'm just gonna have the site load slower and slower as the post count grows more and more. (also, there are AROUND 39 posts so far. doesn't seem like that many when i make it a number.)

Look at my stuff

April ───────────────────────────────────────────────────o

projects and loneliness, mostly
Posted on April 21st

dear diary:
feeling so-so once again. pretty depressed right now, which is weird because i'm in class, and that doesn't usually happen. i feel extremely lonely. just separated from everyone else. i don't connect to anyone here. other topic:
i've been working on WWOO a bit but i'm mad at lynn right now. my music for the show has been really good, though. and in general.
i don't feel good.

updates on projects: next STP is on hold until i figure out what i want to do with it, and how to write the music for it, and until i get a new computer. my next album is coming, it'll be a little different, but it'll be good. i have to re-compose each song again to sound coherent. there will be, most likely, SEVEN songs. two of them i've posted snippets of on my youtube already :)
i'm also working on two videos for sunday and monday:
Bones, very special, and Encore, releasing on the two-year anniversary of the song.

i'm going now

objects and phone
Posted on April 10th

dear diary:
hi! yesterday i got a new phone with DATA!!! finally i can Get Free Wifi Anywhere I Go
everyone else has had data for the longest time, so it's cool for me that i have that too.

if anyone wants to help out on an object show, i'm making one with my friend lynn. yo can go to to sign up. i'd like to meet some of you guys there! (i make all the music for the show. i'll post some here later today.)

super mario!
Posted on April 5th

dear diary:
hi! i saw the mario movie today with friends. it was kind of an impulse thing, i didn't think we'd go but i had the money and the theater was right there in the mall so.. we went. it was pretty good! they got the original voice of Mario in there too but i can't say anything 'cause nobody's watched it yet. excited to listen to this fucker's OST when it finally releases!

March ────────────────────────────────────────────────o

Posted on March 22

dear diary:
hi! i'm on spring break. i've been not very okay lately but i've been making a bit of music... so here's some for a project i might work on:


View on Vocaroo >>


View on Vocaroo >>

coffeebug intro jingle

View on Vocaroo >>

i've also got some concept art. i'm gonna share it instead of hoarding it for months!
ok bye i'm done

Posted on March 22

dear diary:

today at lunch i played mario kart home circuit in school. very fun to mess w/ people irl :)

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